Military Service Injuries

Injuries to service personnel can strike without warning and often with life-long consequences.

Military injury claims

If you are a current or former member of the Australian Defence Force and were injured in the course of your duties, please speak with RZ Injury Lawyers as you may be entitled to receive incapacity benefits, permanent impairment compensation, medical treatments, rehabilitation, or household and attendance care services. Compensation is also available for the dependants of decased members.

The amount of compensation is calculated depending on whether your injuries or disease were related to warlike and non-warlike service; however, in certain circumstances maximum compensation is payable irrespective of the type of service your injury or disease is related to.

Military-related compensation claims are not limited to physical injuries but also include phychological conditions such as PTSD Depression, , and Insomnia. We have also helped our clients with claims covering hearing loss and sight impairment. To ensure your entitlements are maximised, let RZ Injury Lawyers handle your claim.

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  • Navy

  • Army

  • Army Reserves

  • Federal Police

  • Retired Vets

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