Public Liability Claims

“No Win, No Fee” if you have been injured in a public place or on private premises

Public liability

RZ Injury Lawyers has helped hundreds of West Australians receive maximum compensation as a result of all sorts of injuries sustained in public places (for example, shopping centres) or on private premises (your local gym).

What can I claim?

Depending on the severity of your injury and its impact on your capacity for work, compensation is payable for:

  • loss of earnings
  • loss of earning capacity
  • pain & suffering and loss of amenities of life
  • medical treatment
  • domestic assistance and services

We understand that each personal injury compensation claim is unique, and each case will have varying factors, which is why you need an experienced lawyer. We take the time to assess the injuries, the events leading up to the injury, and other relevant factors. We then put together an effective legal strategy to help you and your family fight for the compensation you deserve.

What is involved?

Generally, we begin by carefully considering what evidence is needed to prove your case as well as each issue likely to be in dispute.

The next stage may consist of collecting your financial records to ascertain the earnings lost and your loss of earning capacity in the future. The next stages may include the following tasks:

  • submitting a claim on your behalf
  • communicating with the defendant and any third parties in relation to your claim
  • consulting with doctors and other experts to assess the cost of your future needs
  • updating you on a regular basis regarding the major milestones in your case
  • advising you regarding the evidence commissioned by the defendant and its likley impact on the outcome of your case
  • organising for expert evidence to be obtained.

Once both parties are in a position to discuss settlement, we communicate and negotiate with the other party. We carefully consider all aspects of your claim so that you receive the best possible result. We also negotiate legal costs with the opposing side. If no settlement is reached, we discuss with you and advise you regarding the next stage – court proceedings.

Strict time limits for making a claim, so see an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

  • Slips , Trips and Falls

  • Road Trauma

  • Catastrophic Injuries

  • Unsafe Premises and Workplaces

  • Work-related injury or illness

  • Medical Malpractice Criminal Injuries Total Permanent Disability

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    We make ourselves available to see you or talk to you 7 days a week. Principal Solicitor Radek Zacharek can be reached directly by phone – daytime, evenings, and also on weekends. Clients are always welcome to call are not charged for phone calls 


    We are mobile and will come to your home or wherever is most convenient for you, so no stresses about parking or going to law offices in the city.


    When you call us you will always talk directly to Radek and not a law clerk or junior lawyer. We strongly believe in one-to-one lawyer/client interaction


    RZ Injury Lawyers does not spend money on TV advertising and costly marketing, which clients ultimately pay for through higher legal fees. Our overheads are lower – and this translates to saving for our clients.


    You will never feel like your claim is part of a “settlement production line”.


    We do not bill by using timesheets nor do we charge you for every time you call, email or send letters. We are not under pressure to bill our clients the usual 6 to 8 hours every workday, hence our fees are lower.


    We go much further than the usual ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ offer. RZ Injury Lawyers has capped fees structure Most law firms will take a portion or percentage of your compensation sum. We don’t. We negotiate with the insurer to pay for majority of RZ Injury Lawyers legal fees so your contribution from your agreed settlement amount will be nominal.

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