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A few years ago I sustained multiple injuries in a motorbike accident. My injuries included a broken pelvis, fractured wrist, broken foot and a nasty injury to the groin area. I was riding to work when a car travelling in the opposite direction turned across my path. What followed was a lengthy stay in hospital, which included a number of operations, and then months of rehabilitation. I turned to Radek for help and he met with me while I was staying at the hospital. He took on my case very promptly and progressed it to finalisation whilst continuing to keep me updated. In the end I was awarded an amount which exceeded my expectations. You can definitely trust Radek. You will receive maximum compensation if your case is handled by him.



During 2021 I had a serious accident at work. I sustained some damage to my face, neck and foot but mostly lost my self-confidence around stairs and large numbers of people. I was paid compensation but had no idea what to do once the insurance company offered to settle. Radek was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. Negotiating a path through the processes involved in obtaining a satisfactory settlement was a difficult task for me. Fortunately, Radek was able to instruct me on this process while providing information that was clear and concise. Further to this he was approachable, understanding and very professional. I am grateful to Radek for making my journey stress free.



I sustained an injury at work and was diagnosed with whiplash which caused regular painful headaches, back pain, neck pain and pain in my arms and hands. I contacted Radek for help when I could see it would be a long while until I was able to work at my normal job given it’s so physically demanding. Radek organised a fair outcome for me which has taken away a lot of stress and worry from me. I have time to recover fully because of the agreement he was able to make with my insurance company. Radek also helped with other tasks that were above and beyond my expectations of him. He is very professional, rational, reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced. I would recommend Radek to my friends and family if they ever need an organised and driven lawyer to get them the best outcome for a compensation claim, and also for sound advice and guidance. Thank you Radek for all your help and advice. Thank you for being patient with me, available, helpful and reassuring.



Radek is an amazing lawyer with great communication skills. He was getting back to me whenever i needed him. I get assaulted by 9 teenagers while on job and my right leg get injured. The insurance company was harassing me and paid nothing from day one. I don’t want to go to court and just want to return to my work but how when i am not getting proper treatment. Because of no treatment my leg got swelling even after two months till now i am not able to walk properly because of not being given proper treatment. Than in the end I requested Radek to see in the matter. He guided me step by step and my case was solved. This guy is amazing and I have written everything from my heart because heart says louder when you don’t have money in your pocket. 5 stars for Radek.



Radek represented me in my workers’ compensation claim. He was excellent throughout the whole process. I found Radek to be diligent and professional. His advice was always accurate and his reassurances comforting and, most importantly, the outcome was excellent. I am very satisfied with Radek’s service and would not hesitate in recommending him.

Daniel Kuek


Radek is a 5 star lawyer. If you need a personable and approachable injury lawyer then please call Radek. He will give excellent, expert advice and represent you with professionalism and understanding. He will help you sort through your claim stress free and with reassuring results.

Philippa Hodgen


Radek handled my matter with utmost professionalism. He provided detailed advice and never did I not understand what the next step was. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking help regarding personal injury matters.

Hollie Brown


Radek came highly recommended, I would like to pass on this recommendation to others. This process was very new to me but Radek was very thorough with his explanations and resulted in a great outcome. Thank you Radek

Josh Angel


Radek assisted me with a recent legal matter. Prior to his assistance I felt overwhelmed and that the legal system was against us. It was such a relief to have someone like Radek in your corner. He provided the right advice and took time to explain the legal process in ‘plain English’. This was done with honesty and with understanding. Ultimately this resulted in the best possible outcome for me. I highly recommend his services.

Anna Plaskota

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